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Getting readers is one thing; keeping them is another

From Behavioral Data to Exclusive Content, Newspapers are Creating Valuable Strategies to Retain Readers

By: Gretchen A. Peck
The “Trump Bump” phenomenon experienced by national and larger regional newspapers in the wake of the presidential election brought a sea of new subscribers to their print and digital titles. Whether that was a direct response to the anti-press rhetoric that’s been pervasive in national politics, or whether people just finally realized that news has value, is still up for speculation and study. But the phenomenon was real for those larger titles, which now must make concerted efforts and campaigns to appeal to these new readers, and to keep their interest and retain their subscriptions.
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Events are paying off for publishers

By Gretchen A. Peck

Publishers understand the need to diversify, and there are plenty of smart channels in which to extend editorial brands, including live and virtual events. Events have the potential to unlock new revenue, solidify audience engagement, and bolster advertisers’ integrated marketing campaigns.

But hosting events is risky business. A poorly attended one can quickly put a dent in an otherwise healthy P&L. One marred by poor planning can damage a publication’s brand or turn off event sponsors. Logistically speaking, events are complicated to plan, market, and execute.

Here publishers share 5 hard-won tips for making events a success.

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Published by Publishing Executive magazine, December 2014