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Data, Technology and Digital Readers are Shaping How the Printed Newspaper Looks Today

By Gretchen A. Peck

If newspaper design had a motto, it might be: “Stick to the format. The design and layout is the brand.”

And that remains true today with iconic titles of newspapers rendered in familiar fonts and layouts that are distinctive in their own right. Think of how familiar and distinctive a title like USA Today is when you flip through the pages. The color, the layout, the way the headlines grab your attention—all part of the brand.

Newspaper publishers, by and large, have always understood this. But the notion that printed newspapers’ design should never deviate from the template is being challenged, and it’s because of digital and mobile publishing and the rising cost to paper. Still, that hasn’t stopped publishers from experimenting with their print product.

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Companies Bringing Added Value to Newspapers

By Gretchen A. Peck

It’s no fun being the news when you’re tasked with reporting the news. It’s a strange placement for the newspaper industry these days, as many around the world talk of its evolution, its future, its challenges, and more sensationally, its demise. It’s an uncertain yet exciting time, during which innovation may enable newspapers (no matter the method of delivery) to redefine themselves and flourish in their new forms.

Editor & Publisher compiled a list of organizations that are not just banking on a healthy future for news, but are developing products, services and, perhaps, new best practices for newspaper publishers.

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Published by Editor & Publisher magazine, October 2013