Printing and Imaging

Special Effects: Sticky Images

By Gretchen A. Peck

Sticky graphics—that’s what print buyers want. Whether artists or marketers, they share a common goal to create images that grab attention and leave an impression, images that compel you, and perhaps even haunt you. Sometimes the vision calls for those images to become part of the environment, to be stuck on a wall, wrapped around architecture, placed over windows, and all kinds of surfaces.

It’s not unusual in large format graphics to print to interesting substrates that are both visually intriguing and install challenged. Specialty substrates—such as metallic and chalkboard—with adhesive applications abound, but print service suppliers must be both left- and right-brained when choosing among them. Print buyers look to the print provider for technical and performance guidance, as well as creative insight into how ideas may be achieved.

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Published by Digital Output magazine, February 2014

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