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Business Record: Magazine highlights publishing industry in Des Moines

Publishing Executive magazine featured Des Moines as a “City Spotlight” in its August issue.

The article, titled “Fertile Ground for Publishing,” lays out the benefits of doing business in the city, from the Forbes rankings to the low unemployment rate, and how that has related to the publishing industry.

“The Midwest may be renowned for its slower pace of life, but one shouldn’t confuse that for apathy,” writes the author, Gretchen Peck. “All of these Des Moines publishing houses reflect the local culture: Say ‘no’ to status quo. They’re thirsty for knowledge and innovation.”

The article quotes a number of local industry professionals, including Janette Larkin, publisher of Business Publications Corporation Inc., and Art Slusark, vice president of corporate communications and government relations at Meredith Corp.

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Des Moines is fertile ground for publishing

By Gretchen A. Peck

David Byrne of Talking Heads fame recently passed through Des Moines, Iowa for the 80/35 Music Festival. He wrote about his time there-the bucolic setting, the public spaces, restaurants, the library, and a visit to the local bike shop. “Life here seems to be more or less middle class (the middle class doesn’t seem to have been gutted here as it has been in many other towns), and there are amenities like the riverfront, bike trail networks, ball fields, and water sports that show that the city cares about its citizens,” Byrne opines in his blog.

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Published July 2013, Publishing Executive magazine